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The Blood Wall Trilogy Part II

Hi, all! Welcome to the second chapter of the Blood Wall Trilogy. If you are wondering what on earth a blood wall is, please click here to read the first chapter here. Caught up? Good. Then please, sit back and enjoy part two: Tales of the Traveling Blood Wall.

There is something important I forgot to mention about the blood wall. There is not a blood wall. There are blood walls. Yes, plural. You see, the tradition began at my first gym, started by the optional team for reasons unknown. All of my compulsory years were spent at that gym, adding to the wall.


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Kip of Faith

Every gymnast has had that skill, that one impossible skill, that, try as they might, they just can’t master. Even Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas had one, though it might not be what you’d expect…


It’s called a kip, and it’s on of the toughest skills a gymnast first learns on the uneven bars… The skill, which can be used to either mount the bar or connect elements in a routine, is a big part of just about every level of competition. That makes it a must-do skill. And in May 2003, I was failing at it. Big time.

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