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Gymnastics Prayer

Now I warm up for the meet
I pray my competition I can beat
And if I fall amidst the cheers
I pray I can hold my tears
And one more thing, success or not
I pray the creator of the beam be shot.

The Accidental Piercing

Let me tell you the story of my teammate’s lip piercing. It was the summer of her sophomore year in high school and, like many of the stories you’ll hear here, we were in the gym, conditioning. Two teammates of mine, Hannah and Lacey, were partnered up on one of the stops in our circuits: weighted arch-ups on the vault.

For those of you that don’t know, that means you dangle off the vault with dumbbells in your hands and arch up to vertical as your partner sits on your legs to keep you from slipping. It turns out that last part is very important, for without your partner holding you down, you could slide off the vault… right onto your face. This is something Hannah had to find out the hard way. Literally.

When she hopped onto the vault that day, she had no idea she would be getting a new accessory. You see, before that fateful conditioning exercise, Hannah had no lip piercing.

Afterwards, the same could not be said.

At first, everything was normal.

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