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No Ankle Left Unturned

We were young at the time, having only recently made it to the competitive levels. And at six or seven years old, we completely idolized the older gymnasts on the competitive team. We were new and excited, and looked up to the level nine and ten gymnasts like they were living gods.

But of course, even these seemingly infallible goddesses had their mishaps every so often. This is one of those stories.


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Only gold for the terrific Final Five! Good luck in the individual finals!

It’s going tibia okay

Be warned, the video below is a tad gruesome.

As many of you know, today during men’s qualifiers French gymnast Samir Ait Said broke his lower leg during his landing on vault.

He immediately got the necessary medical care, but for now all we can do is hope that everything is going tibia okay.

In all seriousness, though, here’s to hoping he can make a full recovery.


Bet this hurts more than the broken toe she vaulted on…


Not-So-Pep Talk

Some say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I’ve since come to understand that you don’t know how strange gymnastics is until you’re retired.

These realizations come at random times. They could be the moment you wake up the morning after your usual conditioning day not incredibly sore. Perhaps it is the moment when you realize you haven’t been upside down for a full twenty-four hours (shocking, I know).

One that really hit me hard was the day I gave a pep talk to a member of my school’s track team. At least, I tried to give a pep talk. Read More…

Meet the Competition

Shannon Miller was the most successful American athlete at the 1992 Olympics, having won a total of five medals, and is the tenth most decorated gymnast of all time. Listen to her thoughts on the impacts of competition…

Competition to me was all about remembering lessons from practice; ideally I made my mistakes in the gym, not when there were judges watching.

Shannon Miller

[My coach] always went over routines with me before an event. He knew I didn’t need pep talks because I was eager to get out there. But he did like to center me, focus my thoughts. The green light came on, I saluted the judge or panel of judges and I was ready. Not that I didn’t make plenty of mistakes, but I thrived on competition.

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