The Blood Wall Trilogy Part II

Hi, all! Welcome to the second chapter of the Blood Wall Trilogy. If you are wondering what on earth a blood wall is, please click here to read the first chapter here. Caught up? Good. Then please, sit back and enjoy part two: Tales of the Traveling Blood Wall.

There is something important I forgot to mention about the blood wall. There is not a blood wall. There are blood walls. Yes, plural. You see, the tradition began at my first gym, started by the optional team for reasons unknown. All of my compulsory years were spent at that gym, adding to the wall.


It started off a thing of mystery for me: a series of hieroglyphs written for some blood ritual that only the higher levels could take part in. In retrospect, a blood ritual wasn’t a bad description. But as I slowly climbed the ranks, I was so excited for my first addition to the legendary blood wall. Swelling with pride, I completed the final dot in my blood smiley face with a flourish.

However, years passed, and due to some internal politics, my coach, teammate, and I all switched gyms. While I may have thought that was the end of the blood wall at the time, it turns out that I couldn’t have been more wrong. You see, the three of us decided to carry on the legacy of the blood wall.

No, we did not one day look at each other and say, “Hey, let’s get even more teenage girls to spread disease!” It came up much more… organically. A bloody cut accidentally smeared across the back wall during some drills, some reminiscing over old times, and what do you know? The whole team was on board to start up a blood wall of their very own.

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